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Turnkey Fully-Managed HPC for Engineers on AWS

Client Overview 

MAHLE Powertrain researches, develops, and manufactures conventional combustion engines as well as hybrid systems and electric units. The goal is to optimize powertrains, systems, and components so that they work more efficiently, economically, and produce fewer emissions.


MAHLE was running up against the limitations of doing simulations on workstations, which were taking weeks for more complex models. MAHLE needed extra HPC horsepower immediately to meet their tight project deadlines, and couldn't wait for weeks for on-premise hardware.


“TotalCAE has provided us with access to high powered AWS resources to allow us to meet our tight project deadlines. Our runtime has been significantly reduced from weeks to hours and our output has increased dramatically with the help of TotalCAE” – Patrick Brooks - MAHLE

The TotalCAE Public Cloud on AWS solution was implemented to achieve the on-demand burst capability that was needed for success of this project.

TotalCAE Public Cloud for Engineers is an easy to use HPC Cloud on AWS Managed by TotalCAE. The entire solution is fully managed remotely by TotalCAE, alleviating any need to worry about how to maintain, manage, and update your HPC cloud.

TotalCAE on AWS gave MAHLE several benefits:

  • 1.Provided on-demand HPC capacity – MAHLE was able to tap into additional computing capability outside their existing HPC cluster or workstation to meet their time sensitive deadlines, without needing to wait for a lengthy procurement cycle to acquire the compute power.
  • 2.Focus on engineering, not IT - The entire solution is fully managed remotely by TotalCAE, alleviating the need for the MAHLE CAE team worry about how they would maintain, manage, and update their HPC AWS environment. The entire solution was taken care of by TotalCAE including their CAE application, and on-premise bring your own licensing.
  • 3.Simple to use - All interaction with AWS is through a simple job submission web portal that take three clicks to solve. MAHLE engineers were up and running in minutes, with job submission taking less than 15 seconds.
  • 4.1 hour response times - TotalCAE offers 1 hour response times via phone, email, and web support for all users. To make sure MAHLE meets their tight deadlines, engineers are able to call TotalCAE staff to help them keep on track for any questions or issues.
  • a.Integrated "Job Cost" Billing - TotalCAE billing system enables engineers can see what each job will cost prior to submission, set job spend maximums, and track remaining balances by project. An example is below:

  • TotalCAE billing makes sure that simulation dollars allocated for various projects stay in budget, and to help engineers view and control spending on a per job basis. This data is then available in reports that can be viewed on-demand for charge back, auditing, or project cost review.

    Benefits of TotalCAE on AWS

    Speed time to market

  • Complete jobs in hours not days. 
  • Easy to use

  • Only three clicks to solve with the simple to use TotalCAE web portal. No complicated learning curve makes HPC accessible to all engineers. 
  • Hundreds of applications available

  • Choose from hundreds of applications that are setup with your persistent settings and customizations.
  • Completely managed solution

  • The entire solution is managed around-the-clock by TotalCAE ensuring engineers have a highly available simulation tool with a single point of contact for any issue 
  • Additional Information

    TotalCAE on AWS Services

    Dedicated Cloud System with Persistent User and App Settings.

    CAE Application Support

    License Manager Support

    TotalCAE Web Portal

    TotalCAE Scheduling Software

    AWS Management

    Integrated Billing and Report Tools

    4TB of persistent storage

    Full Phone/Email Support 9-5 phone with 1 hour response times

    No data transfer charges.

    Cloud Data Backups (32 daily backups)

    User Management and Training


  • Remote Visualization Cloud Workstations
  • TotalCAE Data Marshal - Simulation Data Management
  • TotalCAE White Glove Support 

    TotalCAE on AWS comes with our white glove support via phone (where you talk to a human), email, chat, text, or web with a full ticket system tracking.  

    TotalCAE experts are available to make sure you stay productive and answer questions you may have on any issue that is impacting your production jobs. TotalCAE has maintained 99% response time within one hour for all customer questions big and small.

    TotalCAE staff are US Citizens and can support ITAR workloads.

    Users also have access to our knowledge base with common questions for most CAE solvers with our  self-service help.

    Measured Success —

    What to expect working with us

    TotalCAE is committed to our clients being able to focus on their engineering, and not deal with IT issues. TotalCAE measure our success on every ticket, with the opportunity for engineers to directly let the CEO know on every ticket in one click that they are 100% satisfied with TotalCAE support. Anything less than 100% positive receives a phone call from the CEO to ensure our clients are receiving top notch support. TotalCAE measures our goal of less than 1 hour response time to all client email issues, and zero wait time for calls.

    Why You Need TotalCAE on AWS

    The TotalCAE on AWS Solution does all the following for your business: 

  • Get simulation results back faster with access to extra compute power.
  • Simplified web interface to eliminate the job setup complexity HPC simulation, just three clicks to solve. 
  • Avoid data transfer bottlenecks with TotalCAE tools to get your simulation data back fast. 
  • Over 100 applications are supported, run all of your HPC workloads on AWS with the same interface.
  • Remote visualization available using familiar pre and post- processing tools. 
  • Full command line access for power users. 
  • Minimize the billing of AWS resources by intelligent and automatic smart power on/off of resources based on job demand and license availability.
  • Simple pricing model. Pay as you go subscription + per core hour pay as you go compute time usage.
  • TotalCAE can host in your AWS subscription, or a dedicated hosted account.
  • Access to TotalCAE IT professional experts that speak your language via phone, email, and web with support for nearly every FEA/CFD solver and engineering application on the market. 
  • Secure dedicated system with firewalls, antivirus, multi-factor authentication, intrusion detection, encryption and professional IT security professionals monitoring and managing your cluster on AWS
  • Keep using custom integrations such as custom libraries, user subroutines, and other 3rd party software that you need.
  • TotalCAE can manage your on-premise HPC and license servers, all your CAE applications, and AWS infrastructure with the identical interface , with just one number to call for all your engineering HPC needs.
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